Lunchtime & Early bird Menu

2 Course Menu – £ 17.50


Minestrone (V)

Homemade vegetable soup

Prosciutto e Melone

Parma ham with melon

Frittura di Bianchetti

Deep fried whitebait

Coppa di Gamberetti

Prawn cocktail

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Aubergine, tomato, oregano and parmesan

Funghi alla Milanese (V)

Mushrooms in breadcrumbs

Crespelle alla Fiorentina (V)

Home made pancake with ricotta cheese and spinach with a touch of nutmeg

Zuppa del Giorno

Soup of the day

Frittura di Calamari

Fried squid rings

Avocado e Salmone Affumicato

Avocado and smoked salmon salad

Tempura Gamberoni

Deep fried tiger prawns served with sweet chilli sauce

Pate di Fegatini di Pollo

Chicken Liver Pate

Insalata Caprese (V)

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Spaghetti Napoli (V)

Spaghetti in tomato sauce

Main course

Filetti di Branzino

Grilled fillet of sea bass on a bed of spinach

Salmone Dona Theresa

Fresh scotch salmon in a cream and prosecco sauce

Pollo Picante

Chicken breast in wine, garlic, chilli, and tomato souce

Vitello alla Milanese

Veal escalope in breadcrumbs

Fergato alla Salvia

Calf’s liver cooked in butter and sage

Penne all Forno (V)

Baked penne with mixed vegetables, cheese, chilli, garlic & tomato sauce

Lasagna di Carne di Manzo

Pasta layers baked with beef minced meat, cheese and touch of tomato sauce

Eglefino alla Fiorentina

Haddock on a bed of spinach with cream sauce gratinated

Haddock Goujon

Fillet of Haddock in breadcrumbs

Tacchino Milanese

Turkey escalope in bradcrumbs

Fergato alla Veneziana

Strips of calf’s liver cooked in wine and onion sauce

Penne Arrabiata (V)

Penne with tomato chilli sauce

Lasagna Vegetariana (V)

Pasta layers baked with mixed vegetables, cheese and bechemal sauce

All main courses served with sauté potatoes and selection of vegetables unless already specified
Gluten free Pasta also available
(V) denotes vegetarian dish.